What Is?

Corporate Canary is a fresh and innovative HR consulting practice servicing clients in the Asia Pacific Region and primarily Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia.

We service many companies in Financial Services, Engineering, Information Technology & Communications and Professional & Business Services industries.

Corporate Canary specialises services in the ICT industry and recognises the unique management challenges and requirements of high aptitude, technically-focused leaders and employees. We specialise in facilitating and enabling high impact HR strategy and practice for information technology, telecoms, scientific and technically focused companies.

We know the ICT industry intimately and deliver high value and true business partner status with our clients to help their businesses grow through leveraging their people capital.

Corporate Canary can help your business:

  • Relieve recruitment challenges through building an effective recruitment strategy.
  • Get new employees 100% productive sooner through an effective onboarding strategy.
  • Harness employees’ energy and passions shifting focus and activity towards company goals.
  • Stimulate enhanced productivity with learning and growth opportunities for staff linked to company goals and objectives.
  • Build strong and resilliant company culture and loyalty.
  • Coach and mentor existing junior HR staff or non-HR professionals to carry on or implement initiatives.
  • Build stronger passionate leadership teams.

This results in:

  • Increased revenue,profits and prosperity for everyone.
  • Increased focus on core business function and outcomes.
  • Restored space and time so you can focus on business development.
  • A working environment of which your competitors will be envious.
  • Strengthen customer relationships and satisfaction and improve repeat business.

A distinct competitive advantage. A better business…

Why the canary?

Human resource management is exactly like the canary in the coal mine. It identifies and alerts management to toxic energy or poor practices penetrating the work environment. Good HR practice takes the role of not only keeping the canary alive, but helping it thrive!

Tell tale situations signal the need for outside help:

  • unable to attract quality candidates.
  • unexplained low or mediocre morale.
  • overworked staff.
  • high turnover.
  • unsatisfactory productivity and poor quality outcomes.
  • unfilled positions and slow recruitment turn around time.
  • inconsistent policies, practices and management tactics.
  • Business is not growing or hitting strategic goals.

Corporate Canary is experienced in assessing and diagnosing the areas that need the greatest attention and priority, helping businesses to leverage their people strengths with measurable and increased growth in profit.

Don’t fly blind! Corporate Canary gives you the support and direction to really have your people and company take flight!