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The 15 Failures Managers Make Hiring Employees.

You’ve seen it many times before...

Managers under pressure by customer expectations and increasing work loads commit the ‘desperation hire’. Taking any candidate over none.

Or alternatively they take so long to make a decision they lose their top candidate to fast moving companies that have their act together.

You need to start the recruitment process all over again. All that wasted time or they go for the second choice candidate on the shortlist.

The Manager then comes knocking on your door to help them get out of their mess when the new hire is not working out.

They gingerly admit they have made a bad hiring decision and need your help to manage the unsuspecting new hire out the door.

How did it get to this?

Their CV looked great, their experience and background checked out well, they were stunning in the interview and you did the reference checks. You thought this is it! This is a good candidate.

It’s a bad out come for both parties and you are frustrated that the hiring manager has no idea they have just cost the company upwards of $50,000 in loss of productivity, rehiring and training costs.

What a waste!

You keep trying to keep the hiring costs down, productivity up and the managers keep making poor hiring decisions.

If only this can be avoided.

Don’t You Need A Hiring And Recruitment System That:

  • identifies the wrong candidate before you hire?
  • gives you a clear guideline and instruction on how to hire the right person?
  • helps you choose the better candidate for the long term?
  • develops the right interview questions for you to ensure you unearth significant hiring factors before you decide?
  • helps new managers learn to hire the right person, first time, every time?
  • is easy to use and administer and that management are happy to engage with and see the results?
  • produces better overall hiring decisions for the organisation
  • saves money and creates a power team?

So How Can You Achieve This?

How Can You Help The Managers Make The Right Decisions?

What Can You Do About It?

Find a solution!

If you were able to save the cost, time and hassle of hiring mistakes for as little as around $197* per staff hire and KNOW that it was the RIGHT decision EVERY TIME what credibility would that give you?

Don’t you deserve to get the kudos for reducing the massive costs of poor hiring mistakes?

It is PROVEN that on average it costs upwards of $50,000 (depending on the role) or three times the cost of salary for a hiring mistake. As an HR professional. You know this.

For the cost of less than 1% of a hiring mistake you can make sure you help your line managers make the right decision EVERY TIME.

Using our simple four step process; we will easily

Step 1.STOP.

Diagnose and Define.

  • what is causing your hiring and recruitment problems and reduce or eliminate them so they don’t happen again.
  • what you need and desire in your teams future performance.

Step 2. RESET.

Determine the solution.

  • Create a customised hiring & recruitment strategy meaning you know exactly what quality outcomes, competencies and behaviours you need your teams to have for strong/winning results.
  • Simplify the solution through automated predictive hiring methods and tools so you can make hiring decisions competently and FAST.
  • So you are not wasting your time and loosing good candidates to competitors.

Step 3. GO!

Implement the solution.

  • A simple and easy predictive hiring system and implementation.
  • Train management quickly and easily using short, sharp video tutorials.


Increase the performance.

  • Coach and train managers on how to get the best from new hires in the first 90 days meaning you get a return on your hiring investment sooner and decrease the risk of the the hire failing.

So nothing gets in your way of superior ongoing performance.

Corporate Canary guarantees between within the first 90 days the new hire has started you will feel more in control, less frustrated and at peace that you have made the right hiring decision. and on your way to greater success.

Corporate Canary can vouch (or your money back) that:

Increased Knowledge
You will know exactly the profile of behaviour, skill and temperament that will make the role outcomes successful. You will know clearly the critical job success factors you should focus your hiring decisions on meaning less set backs, problems and drama. Managers will gain the knowledge of how to increase hiring success outcomes.

Increased Skill
Managers will be better skilled to interview with greater depth and speed meaning you gain their trust by supporting them with what they need.

You will have full confidence that you are making the right choice. No angst or being in two minds. It is clear who you need to choose or NOT!

Managers lead more confidently so they achieve the right outcomes meaning you can get on to more interesting strategic work rather than on reactive issues.

You are more motivated and clear on how to manage and coach your managers with a customized coaching guide, so you can correct any initial problems before they blow out to another hiring problem.

Leadership teams have a clear path on how to manage their teams more effectively and a stronger vision meaning better quality outcomes and a healthier bottom line.


To help you get started on finding a solution...


The SECRETS of Award winning companies and how they have the BEST talent in the market knocking on their doors to work for them and how as a result they are gaining up to 23% more in PROFIT



+Essential Report - Poaching With Finesse - The Do’s and Don’ts Of Headhunting that explain:

  • how to find & reach key talent.
  • how to build credibility as an employer.
  • common hiring mistakes that cost money.

By coaching your managers through these mistakes you are giving them added value building credibility and trust with them that you are a needed business partner.

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The workshop covers:

  • HOW to gain sustainable accountability and the method used.
  • The key qualities and skills for gaining accountability.
  • How the brain relates to accountable behaviour.
  • Models and techniques to use to gain accountability.
  • Included is a workbook full of supporting materials and exercises.

THAT’S over $2,500 worth of VALUE FOR FREE that guaranteed you will not get anywhere.

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  • ...The choice is yours.

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+Poaching With Finesse - The Do’s and Don’ts Of Headhunting



Still not convinced?

You Don’t Think Management See The Value In Investing In Good People Management?

Let me ask you this. Do you they see the value in up to a 23% increase in profit?

That is what companies with ‘Best Employer’ status and award winners experience over other companies because they invest the time, energy and interest in strong attraction, recruitment and hiring strategies. In fact our client was able to exit their business sooner than planned and promote because they hired the right candidate to succeed them using our system. They did this by having a trial first. See our offer below.

We can help you with winning your leadership team over. Once they grasp the WIFM (What’s In It For Me) factor they will wonder why they didn’t do it earlier.

We will walk the path with you and support you all the way so you come out looking like a star!

You Prefer an Informalized, ‘Relaxed’ And Unstructured Interview Process.

Being informal, relaxed and unstructured and asking the right questions are two different things. You can have an unstructured interview, with skill and experience, but still ask the wrong questions. Our system gives you the freedom to have your own style, but ensure you ask the right questions. See for yourself with our complimentary trial below.

You Think Tests, Surveys and Questionnaires Put Candidates Off.

Exactly. That is what you want to achieve. You want to put off the wrong candidates and put on the right ones. Companies that achieve incredible success and insist on the best candidates do not have these little fears. They are focused on impacting the bottom line and know the only way to get there is by building the right team. They seek to avoid the set backs associated with poor hiring choices. They also know that it is also in the best interests of candidates if there is a win/win situation. What employee wants to find themselves looking for a job again because of a mismatch? Being squeamish about using predictive methods of hiring IS another poor hiring decision. Consider changing your attitude and have a free trial below.

You Don’t Control A Budget For HR?

Let us help you here. It is easier to build a case to management when you are able to present to them broken down and digestible figures against the cost of the risk associated with not investing in good recruitment and hiring strategies.

This system is usually an investment of around $197 per staff hire. When you consider the cost of an average salaried hiring mistake is around $50,000-$85,000 is the outlay of $500 (on average) per hire too much for the potential of up to 23% increase in profits?

You would need to make 100 hires using our system before you even started to be even with the cost of just one poor hiring decision on a low level position.

200 hires for the cost of two poor hires. Do I need go on? I will swap you the 2 poor hires for the 200 successful hires ANYDAY!

A case study with one of our clients revealed they spent $3 million over one year in re hires and turnover. They didn’t even know and where shocked! They invested in our method and system immediately.

Investment in a solid Recruitment & Hiring Strategy at $197* per hire is FAR cheaper and less damaging to the bottom line.

Put it to the test with our FREE trial. It will cost you zero and you will have value straight out of the gate to deliver your managers. They will love you for it! See our offer below.

If You Don’t Do Anything You Will Still Be Doing OK

Our clients where in that same place until they realised the money they were throwing away and when it really started to hurt. It is a state we call denial.
Do you only want an ‘OK’ business anyway? Put it too the test.

Don’t Know How To Implement A Strategy Or System For Better Recruitment & Hiring?

Corporate Canary is a registered and accredited with Predictive Hiring Methodology. Securing specialist expertise ensures the job is done right the first time and faster. We navigate around the traps and snares that we’ve experienced before to ensure you are not wasting your investment in time and money.

Is this for you?

Are you experiencing

  • High employee turnover in general?
  • Inability to get good quality candidates?
  • Long drawn out recruitment process?
  • Low tenure of new staff?
  • Continued bad hiring decisions and outcomes?
  • Poor performance and team fit?
  • Increasing employee turnover rate and associated costs?
  • A low understanding of how to leverage your human capital investment to result in increased profitability.
  • An adhoc and unstructured recruitment process that is not based on predictive methods that ensure success?

If you are struggling with the ineffectiveness of your recruitment and hiring method and system or no system at all you are hit with the repercussions which can be not only frustrating but costly. You need to think about a fast, stream lined process that the managers and staff will love using.

OR you will need to consider the alternative...

So what is the alternative?

  • You can continue to push ahead with a ‘hit or miss’ system of hiring that you know impacts productivity and costs.
  • You can limp along with the current recruitment process and strategy that leaves management wondering what value you add.
  • You can stay in denial and continue with the excuses and baseless rationalisations that management won’t ‘go for it’.

So What Do You Do Now?


The next step is to start on Step One of our simple four step process and STOP and reassess where you are going wrong.


The SECRETS of Award winning companies and how they have the BEST talent in the market knocking on their doors to work for them and how as a result they are gaining up to 23% more in PROFIT

We REVEAL the 5 KEY ELEMENTS that you MUST be doing in your organisation NOW to ATTRACT EXCEPTIONAL TALENT and WINNING RESULTS.



Essential Report - ‘Poaching With Finesse’ - The Do’s and Don’ts Of Headhunting that explain:

  • how to find & reach key talent.
  • how to build credibility as an employer.
  • common mistakes that cost you money.

OR GET A FAST START with our offer today of a complimentary Customised Job Profile Report.
You will receive:

  • A free trial of the predictive hiring tool and system for a current role you are hiring.
  • An hours coaching and assessment on your current strategy by an expert consultant.
  • An outline of a strategy plan for you to start on.
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