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Why Do I Need It?

  • Bad hiring outcomes cost time, money, morale and your reputation.
  • Ensuring the right people are on board creates a powerful team and increased prosperity for everyone.
  • Aleviates the ‘guess work’ and gambling on ‘gut feel’ decisions.
  • Support junior managers new to recruiting and selection decisions.
  • To make hiring decisions faster with confidence.

Tailored. Comprehensive. Fast.

Most hiring managers only cover off 43% of the total job requirements and focus only on skills, knowledge, qualification and culture fit. These alone do not ensure candidate success in a role.

As a result, increased hiring failures and mistakes occur, and can cost organisations up to 3 times the cost in salary.

That’s money down the drain!

Complimentary Tailored Job Profile Report & Strategy Session

The Power Of Predictability

With the McQuaig Job Profile Survey Tool you can raise the predictability of candidate success to 83%, reduce the risk and eliminate hiring failure costs. Saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Studies have shown that by combining two or more methods of selection procedures or criteria that the ability to predict future performance increases substantially. The table below based on valid studies demonstrates the scale of predictability of various selection methods.

Table 1: Predictive Scale Of Selection Methods
Graphology (handwriting analysis) 0.01
Typical Employment Interview 0.15
Years Experience/Education 0.19
Reference Checks 0.22
Personality Tests 0.39
Structured Behavioural Interview 0.40
Ability Tests 0.52
the ability to predict future performances increases substantially with structured methods of selection.
Source: Hunter & Hunter, 1984, Schmitt, 1984, Thacker & Cattaneo, 1987, Smith, 1988.

Proven Long Term Credibility

The McQuaig System has been a tried and proven predictive selection method for over 30 years. First published in 1967 by The McQuaig Institute of Executive Development it has been backed by experts as valid predictors of performance.

What The Experts Say..

Hogan, Hogan and Roberts after an exhaustive review concluded that using well developed personality measures for pre-employment screening is a valid way to promote increased organisational productivity.

R.Hogan, J.Hogan and BW Roberts, 'Personality measurement and employment decisions' American Psychologist, vol.51, no5. 1996, p469

Avoid Hiring Mistakes Easily!

The Job Survey reports will tell you:

  • The 4 key success behaviours and temperament profile that is vital candidates applying for your specific role must have.
  • How to screen candidate CV’s in alignment with the crucial role requirements and what to look for.
  • Selling Style Profile tailored for your job role and the critical presentation, negotiation and closing behaviours you need to hone in on.
  • Leadership requirements with a breakdown of the:
    • decision making
    • problem solving
    • team-building
    • leadership behaviours
  • needed for your specific role.
  • Interviewing questions specifically designed and customised for your company’s role to elicit responses that indicate past behaviours.
  • Reference checking questions tailored to your role and its success requirements.
  • Potential management considerations and how to coach job incumbent.

All this for FREE!

This is total tailored value to help you ensure you increase hiring success.

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You will receive:

  • A free trial of the McQuaig Job Survey predictive hiring tool and system for a current role you are hiring.
  • 8 free reports customised to a role of your choice.
  • An hours coaching and assessment on your current recruitment strategy by an expert consultant.
  • An outline of a strategy plan for you to start on.
Job Survey Report


Job Survey Report

The consultation will also give you the opportunity to discover why Corporate Canary may be the right partner for you to reach your employee performance goals, so please feel free to ask us any questions regarding how we may help you.

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Apply For Your Complimentary
Tailored Job Profile Reports & Strategy Session NOW!

(Valued at $295)
Yes! I want to try it out on a role I am hiring for now.

Job Survey Report

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