Preparing Your Test.

List 10 things that will make your life at work ideal. Write down what is important about your work, all that  you love about your job, your career, your ideal organisation, what you are passionate about, and what “lights your fire”. With these accomplished you will feel your professional life is fulfilled and complete.

Pre Work #1

To help you create your list, visualise you meet unexpectedly an acquaintance on the street that you haven’t seen or been in touch with for quite some time and they ask you ‘How is life?’
You answer them in this way: ‘My work is ideal, and I am …..’ now list, from your heart, how you would love to answer them. Not what ‘sounds’ acceptable to them or what you ‘should’ say, but what you really want for your work life in your heart. No holds barred.

Open the ‘My Work Life Is Ideal’ document attached below. (or just create a Word document and save) At the top of the page, is typed “My work life is ideal, and I am …” use this page to write down your list.

  • Include all of the things that are important to you about your work, things you love to do at work, even if they are not a part of your experience right now. Go all-out. The sky is the limit.
  • Listen to your heart (not year head) – what matter most to you?
  • KEY: Don’t worry about the “how”. Don’t try and figure out how you would get or have it. Don’t not put it down because you think – ‘I would never get that’ or ‘the company could or would not accommodate that’. Start with the idea that all the resources are in place now for fully living your passions at work.

Start the sentence using an ‘-ing’ verb (and action verb) such as “enjoying”, “experiencing”, “leading”, “traveling” “being”, “having”, “managing”, “creating”, “producing”, “winning”or “helping” to bring everything into NOW.

Examples: My work is ideal, and I am…
1. enjoying building relationships.

2. leading and inspiring teams.

3. working from home with flexible hours.

4. planning, organising and paying attention to detail.

5. winning an award for my work.

6. speaking to masses of people on business management

7. having fun with my team.

8. feeling great satisfaction at the end of each work day.

9. creating a team of like-minded people who are passionate and share a similar vision.

10. being highly innovative and creative daily.

A few tips…

Go ‘all out’ in making your list….the sky is the limit…nothing is too ‘big’ or too ‘small’ to be included.
Include all hopes, dreams and wishes…any that may still remain from early in your career…without concern for any “buts” or “whens” or “can’t because…” in your list-making process
Be YOU. Include all things that are important to you, that you love, etc. even though they may not seem to be in your experience right now or that you can see HOW they could. Don’t try and work out the how and don’t discount your desire because you can’t figure out how you would do, get, or be it.
Come from the premise that all resources are in place now for living your passion fully

Include items on your list from categories such as: income, work relationships, career, skills, travel, location, type of organisation, industry etc.. (+ any other categories). It is important you start each statement with an action word, i.e, as if it is already happening in your life.

When complete email your list prior to our session to: