Case Studies

Case Study 1: Sigma Coach Air

SCG is a leading global company in the design and engineering of Transport and Heavy Duty HVAC Systems for the Rail, Bus, Mining, Industrial and the demanding Defence markets.

The Client’s Challenge:
The new SCG Managing Director and his executive team have the goal of meeting an exit strategy for investors in the business and are charged with the responsibility to build capital in the business through developing a high performance culture.

In the past there had been little emphasis on aligning employee outcomes with top line goals, poor performance management, high turnover and lack of accountability.

Solution and Results:
Corporate Canary undertook an assessment of the entire performance management process and with management determined the need to develop an evaluation structure and philosophy that aligned with their future goals and direction. The evaluation structure was tailored to the need to increase accountability and results around key role functions. To facilitate this structure a stream lined process to administer the performance appraisal process was required.

This encompassed searching, assessing, selecting and implementation of an automated performance management tool and solution that would meet the needs of simplicity, ease of use and meaningful measurement features in a reporting tool.

Corporate Canary developed a Performance Management training program and delivered to all management and staff nationally.

In addition position descriptions for 85 roles across the organisation were produced in alignment with the performance evaluation structure with very detailed and aligned KPI’s.

Corporate Canary also rolled out a coaching strategy to support the new performance evaluation structure through a serious of Coaching Fundamentals workshops for the entire executive and line management teams. Selected key positions were then targeted for a full 6 month coaching program on building high performance teams.

Sigma Coachair Group achieved:

  • a raised participation rate of 84% in performance appraisals by staff and management.
  • Raised performance ratings by 90% across the board.
  • Clear and measureable job outcomes to increase job clarity and employee focus on the right job requirements.
  • The establishment of a coaching structure and philosophy amongst executive and management team.
  • Increased accountability through coaching objectives.
  • 112 million profit on achievement of exit strategy.

“Anne-Marie was hired to address the under-performance of the organisation over many years. The business had the basics in place, a growing market, good products and some good people. It had however never harnessed the team to deliver acceptable results. Ann- Marie played a key role working with the people to develop a high performance culture. The results were outstanding and the management team, working closely with Anne-Marie, were able to embrace the message and then develop the competencies of their direct reports. The business was sold in 2010 for $130M having been acquired in 2007 for $18M, as a result of a massive increase in the sales and profitability of the business.” Mark Parow, Managing Director, October 10, 2011

LEAP Legal Software Case Study 2: LEAP Legal Software

LEAP is a software vendor that develops and markets proprietary software and online information broking services in Australasia and the Persian Gulf.
LEAP has enjoyed successful growth over the past five years and has grown to a staff of over 100.

The client’s challenge:
LEAP Managing Director Christian Beck was concerned about the effectiveness of the company’s HR approach. He engaged Corporate Canary to analyse the effectiveness of the company’s HR across the organisation.

Solution & Results:
Corporate Canary undertook an audit of all areas of people management: management processes; management style; values; vision; HR policy; procedures; recruitment effectiveness; job clarity; management skills; people development; and employee passion and ownership.

Our findings highlighted areas of misalignment, such as poor awareness of the values that drive the business, lack of job clarity and weak communication around people issues.

Corporate Canary developed a performance strategy that focused on introducing:

  • Simpler administration process to save time
  • Performance evaluation structure aligned to top line goals
  • Measurable and qualified data and metrics to monitor companywide performance
  • Greater management and staff engagement
  • Staff development plans to increase performance and retention
  • Clear and measurable job outcomes to increase job clarity and employee focus on the right job requirements


Human Resources Case Studies Case Study 3: Objective Consulting Corporation

Objective Consulting Corporation is a global enterprise content management solution and consulting service provider. Working closely with CEOs, CIOs and business managers to deliver strategies, solutions and clear outcomes for their growing knowledge and process management challenges, Objective is now a global company delivering solutions throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

The Client’s Challenge:
Objective needed to address retention rates and position themselves in the market as an employer of choice. To achieve this there was a need to understand the competitiveness of their remuneration strategy and raise the profile of the total employment value to current employees.

Solution & Results:
After scoping the project Corporate Canary found a lack of understanding of total remuneration available and on offer to staff by the general staff populous. Induction process was poor resulting in lack of knowledge of what benefits were available and how to access them.

The recruitment and attraction process failed to deliver a clear promotion of employment value.

In addition there was no strategic approach to salary reviews and no clear understanding of position of comparative market salary rates.

Corporate Canary carried out a compa-ratio exercise to determine where cost savings could be made or to assess the risk associated with turnover due to where salaries were positioned in the market. The results showed a need to establish a pay point and reassess specific high risk roles for salaries to remain competitive.

Through this review Objective was able to determine future cost savings in the salary review process and reduce turnover risks and the associated high costs.

In addition Corporate Canary developed a marketing campaign to define and highlight the benefits offered by Objective. This was achieved through personalised Total Reward Statements and a Total Rewards promotion emphasising the 18+ benefits accessible to staff that combined improved the perceived and real value of their employment with Objective.
This reduced the risk of turnover, increased the ability to attract new staff and increased new hire understanding of total offering.


Human Resources Case Studies 4 Case Study 4: Sigtec Systems

Sigtec Systems is a global leader of Intelligent Transport Systems and specialised transport technologies. Servicing global emergency services, government, law enforcement and public service agencies with their transport communication and coordination strategies and technology. Sigtec has grown by acquisition over the past 4-6 years and has grown to 120+ staff.

The Client’s Challenge:
Executive recognised the need to introduce structure into the people practices of the organisation and formalise the performance management approach in a fast, systemised and measurable way. With the view to gain higher performance and stronger leadership, Sigtec engaged with Corporate Canary to develop a performance management strategy and execute.

Management and staff had poor engagement with the performance management process with only a 18% up take rate and a culture of mistrust between staff and executive.

Solution & Results:
In the past there had been little emphasis on aligning employee outcomes with top line goals, poor performance management, high turnover and lack of accountability.

Corporate Canary created a core ‘Ownership Team’ with key stakeholders from all parts of the business to develop a Performance Evaluation Philosophy that would form the foundation and structure of the entire strategy. Joint decision making between staff and management enabled the breakdown of suspicion and build trust.

In this case the client had identified an automatic performance management system and solution they were interested in and Corporate Canary audited the solution to ensure it met their needs.

Management was coached and trained in the development of strong Key Performance Indicators linked to top line company goals.

Corporate Canary rolled out a company wide communication and training strategy across QLD, NSW, VIC, NZ, UK and Dubai.

Job descriptions were reviewed, redesign and created for 45+ roles company wide.

Corporate Canary implemented, tested and rolled out the automated solution and the pilot annual performance review was conducted with an uptake of 87% . This was an increase of 69% on previous engagement.

Sigtec have a full end-to-end performance management strategy, structure for evaluation, KPI’s for performance management company wide, automated tool for delivery, monitoring and performance measurement.


Other Recent Projects:

Software Vendor/Services – Downsizing strategy, facilitation of redundancy process.

Finance Company – Recruitment policy, strategy and candidate profiling.

Web Media Company – Employment Contract development and advisory.

Web Development Company- recruitment strategy, job description development.

Technology/Software Vendor – Remuneration Strategy, Benchmarking & policy development.

Financial Services – Salary benchmarking key positions.

IT Services Organisation – salary benchmarkng key positions.

Software Vendor – Change Strategy/Downsizing consultation, package calculation & outplacement service.

Software ERP/Services   – recruitment strategy consulting.

Training RDO – Recruitment strategy/approach consultation, job advertisement, job description review, development.