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Renegade Collective: Job Loss, Career Gain – September 2014

The New Daily: Seven Career Taboos You Should Avoid – September 2014

Womens Agenda: Does ‘Real Life’ Experience Count On Your Resume? – August 2014

The New Daily: Six Ways Taking A Pay Cut Can Payoff For Workers – August 2014

Womens Agenda: Is Being a ‘Boomerang Employee’ A Good Career Move? – July 2014

The Age: Don’t Cry Out Loud: How To Deal With Tears At Work – June 2014

The Age: 10 Rules For Contacting Staff After Hours – June 2014

Human Capital: Why You Should Be Networking – May 2014

Human Capital: Size Matters Does Your Company Have Enough HR People? – April 2014

Sydney Morning Herald: Are All Entrepreneurs Rogues? – April 2014

Human Capital: Is This Professional Suicide? – Mar 2014

Human Capital Online: How Much Support Can A Support Person Give? – Mar 2014

HR Monthly (AHRI): Breaking Up, What Happens When An Office Romance Goes Wrong? – Feb 2014

ELLE Magazine: Finding: Is LinkedIn The New Tinder? – Feb 2014

Sydney Morning Herald: How To Manage A Micro Manager – Jan 2014

Sydney Morning Herald: The Worlds Dodgiest Job Interview Questions – Jan 2014

Business Director Magazine: Creating and Cultivating Culture – Aug 2013

Marie Claire: Have You Done Your Home Work – May 2013

Human Resources – HRM (AHRI) – Sept 2012

Cosmopolitain Magazine – May 2012

CLEO Magazine: Career Solutions – April 2012

NETT# Magazine: SHould Staff Bring Their Own Devices – March 2012

Wellbeing Magazine: Finding Passion In Your Work – March 2012

HR Daily Online – Dec 2011

Management Today Magazine (AIM): Worked To Death – Dec 2011

BOSS Magazine (Financial Review): Digital Hiring: Recruitments New Direction – Nov 2011

My Business Magazine: (Cover Story) Time Vs Money: The New Recruitment Equation – Aug 2011

Insight Magazine: Is Your Work Killing You – Aug 2011

Smarter Business Magazine: Managing Flexible Workplaces – Aug 2011

Liverpool Champion, Cumberland Press – Jul 2011

Sunday Life Magazine, Sun Herald Newspaper – The Fullness of Time – Success Later In Life – Jul 2011

Sun Herald: My Career – Jul 2010

Information Age (Australian Computer Society): Jumping Tracks – Taking The Management Train – March 2008

Jumping Tracks: Taking The Management Train – Information Age March 2008

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‘Mind Your Own Business – A Guide For Businesses’, by Patrick Young, Published by Mithra Publishing, United Kingdom. – June 2102.

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