Take Flight! Career Transition Program


Your confidence has taken a knock right? Not getting the interviews you
want? OR even a response to your applications! – And now you have
concerns about how your future will pan out – real concerns..

So let’s get you straight back on top and fast!

Corporate Canary’s Take Flight™ Career Advantage Transition Program is a
customised, practical, one-on-one career and transition coaching program based
upon three key principals and stages of the transition process to help you complete
your transition to role you have always dreamed of.

The program’s purpose is to:

  • Manage your separation from your current circumstances – relieve the possible confusion, frustration, fear and anger and get you moving towards your vision.
  • Create your vision – get clear on what direction you are heading and what are
    the best roles for you.
  • Gain a solid, stable and fantastic new opportunity sooner!

The program delivers:

Clarity around what you want to transition towards
Control of the transition process through a planned approach
Completion and closure in the transition process through achievement of your desired outcomes in as short amount as

By taking a structured and supported approach to a new path you are coached and
supported through developing your career and job seeking goals, establishing the
realities around achieving your goals, understanding the options available to you
and ways to research them and finally ensuring that you keep on track with your

Clarity, Control, Complete Model

Clarity Control Complete Model


The Clarity stage is about remembering why you want to work, as opposed to
why you have to work and gain the courage and clarity in letting the former
motivation lead you forward.

The purpose of the clarity stage is to help you work through the separation process,
deal with associated emotions and attachments and build a personal vision and to
look toward your new future. It is designed to help you gain perspective on what
you can achieve in finding the role of your dreams.

The program helps you get clear on what your strengths are, what you want to do
and the right fit for your career goals. You gain clarity on the options and
opportunities available to you in your job search.

In the Clarity stage you undergo a series of self assessments on career and job
satisfiers and dis-satisfiers, a skills and knowledge inventory tool activity, and
develop an approach to marketing yourself in the e- job market based upon proven
career coaching models.

The clarity stage includes:

  • Career Reflections exercise to understand strengths, weaknesses
  • Establishing Personal Vision & Career Options
  • Resume review, assessment and modelling
  • Managing the Interview Process, interview techniques, preparation

As an added option alternative you can boost your clarity, focus and understanding
of where best to direct your job seeking efforts through the Career Interest
Inventory assessment.

The Career Interest Inventory assessment is an on-line assessment tool of 71
questions that provides direct feedback to you as to how your strengths align with
one or more jobs. Results give a % match to the best jobs that are a good fit for
your strengths and interests. It also highlights jobs that may not be a good match
for you and best to avoid spending time and focus on.

The Career Interest Inventory can be undertaken from a high level general careers
approach to a more specific and targeted career area for assessment.


The control stage is about getting back that sense of knowing you will get a
great new role and you call the shots!

The purpose of the control stage is after gaining clarity and direction to take
planned and decisive action to move forward.

Taking control of your destiny through establishing a solid marketing and transition
plan and establishing activities that keep you focused on attainment of your future
career related goals.

The control stage includes:

  • Developing a solid job search plan that gets instant results.
  • Gaining knowledge of and actioning multiple quality sources of search to
    give you the competitive advantage.
  • Developing an on-line marketing /job search strategy to increase selection
    by on-line candidate search tools so you are sought after by employers.
  • Developing an effective networking strategy to boost your passive job
  • Contemporary new approaches that differentiate you from competition and
    blows your prospective employer away.
  • Making declines and feedback work for you.


Making the final decision to accept can be difficult. We develop a solid way of
ensuring all your desires are met and you are confident and on top of the
world again!

The complete stage includes:

  • Aligning offers and weighting with Personal Vision.
  • Negotiating a value driven package through access to subscription salary
    market data.
  • The formal acceptance and contract of employment review for legal
  • Program evaluation & assessment.

Each stage entails pre-session and post-session activities, research and tasks to
complete to ensure the transition process is on track.


You may feel that you are quite competent to gain a new job role on your own and
you may have proven in the past that you are, however you will be given the
process, tools and personal support to help you make a better choice of employer,
a better choice of role, and a better salary package not just for your next role but
for other moves you make in your career in the future through this valuable


You can start your program any time within the next 12 weeks, however it is
recommended to take action as soon as possible and contact Corporate Canary as
soon as possible for your initial session.
Once you have had your first session the program is deemed as started from that
session and you have 8 weeks to complete the program.


How does it work?
You get access to a career coach for 4 x 2 hour sessions to be used within 2
months from your initial session.

The sessions will focus on moving you through the clarity, control and complete
phases to assist you in the outcome of your transition plan.

When do I have my sessions?
It is recommended that regular sessions occur however you can work through at a
pace that suits you within an 8 week period. As a suggestion you may like to do one
session per week to speed up your process or alternatively one session each
fortnight if you want to take a bit more time.

Where do I have my sessions?
Your sessions are face to face with your coach at:
The Bureaux
Level 3, 50 York Street
Alternatively tele-coaching sessions can be arranged.

How do I get started?
Contact Corporate Canary to arrange your first session today. Your coach is ready
to start your program and get you underway.

Your contact at Corporate Canary is:
Anne-Marie Orrock
Take Flight! Coaching Director
Corporate Canary HR Consulting
P.O Box 20
Crows Nest, NSW 1585
Ph: (02) 9460 8840
Fx: (02) 9460 8402
Mb: 041 6008 265
Em: amorrock@corporatecanary.com.au


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Take action now and get started on your new path to success!