The Passionate Workplace

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Is your company and employees truly ‘on fire’ with passion for what you do?

Or is there a bland and uninspired environment that everyone faces in the office each day?

Do your employees bounce back from problems and set backs easily or do they spiral into crisis mode?

Do your employees complain that they don’t see what they do impacts the company success?

If you are not happy with your answers think about this:

How do you know when you are losing profits and income because of a disengaged workplace?

How can you help your employees see how their work passions contribute to the company’s value and profits?


The Passion Test for Business is your answer.

The Passion Test is gripping.

It is the missing link for engaging everyone in your team playing out BIG in the business.

It creates extraordinary business transformation in ordinary businesses to become good, better, best.

Creating extraordinary transformation in your leaders and employees through ripping open the lid on the culture. WHAT, as a culture you are passionate about, breathing life into it and  living out your TRUE vision for the company results AND the employees and their careers.

The Passion Test takes OUT the HOW in linking and aligning the work passions of your employees with the vision and passion of the company, for true united success.


The Passion Test for business is the link between passionate people and profits.


Using a systematic method, process and approach with individuals, teams and company leaders to inspire and rediscover the factors that drive profitable engagement and passion within the organisation.

A simple, powerful tool for creating a passion-based culture, engaged employees and greater profits.

We help your people get the clarity on what is meaningful to them at work and how that relates to the company’s profitable success.

The Passion Test also ensures you get the right people on board create unstoppable teams.




The Passion Test methodology is based on the New York Times Best Seller ‘The Passion Test’ by Chris & Janet Attwood. The Passion Test is taking the USA by storm and Corporate Canary has brought this ground-breaking and uniquely effective system and process to help companies in Australia and Asia Pacific engage employees and create a hard line link to their profits.



Research by Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost their companies about $16,000 each per year. Whilst actively engaged and passionate employees create at least over double that amount in additional revenue for the company.

With The Passion Test your company really can be the esteemed market leader that customers, suppliers and employees flock to unequivocably and consistently. Resulting in boastable profits, market status and prosperity all round, for everyone in relationship with your company.

Bold claim? Absolutely! Passionate companies are bold, are risk takers, are willing to do what it takes to be the best.

Listen Up! Espanol Case Study

Hear Craig Hanley, Founder and Managing Director of US based call center Listen Up! explain in an interview with Corporate Canary Managing Director, Anne-Marie Orrock on how implementing and integrating The Passion test methodology into his organisation turned it around and increased their profits and results.



1. Employees (and leaders for that matter) don’t set out to be disengaged.

Yet day after day, year after year the passion within the organisation is dampened by problems, issues, negativity, setback and fear causing downturn and reduced performance and profits. The energy and ‘fire in the belly’ dies down, ambivalence starts to settle like a fog and the dream for greatness starts to become uncertain. The vision to create outstanding service, products, customer experience, second to none, with the resulting profit becomes clouded and everyone gets lost.

Sound familiar?

So how do you regain?

Now  there are no more excuses. The Passion Test is here.

Start today. Do something. Be responsible.


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Live and work passionately!

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